Aadaab to all my readers!

Hyderabad has a lot in its trousseau to offer, in terms of exquisite jewellery and fashion.

The classy Sathlada, is definitely a very traditional and pretty piece of jewellery from the city of pearls!

I absolutely love this piece and look for excuses to team it with my outfits.

This post of mine is dedicated to this traditional yet stylish, layered-necklace; the classic Sathlada!


‘Sath’ means seven and ‘lada’ means layers. Therefore, as the name suggests, The Sathlada, is a unique seven-layered, pearl necklace. Uncut diamonds and precious stones are added to the seven layers, which makes it even more eye-catching.

You can either use Basra pearls or natural pearls depending on your budget and taste.  Ruby or emerald drops can be used in each layer to give it a bit of colour. The necklace is held together with two brooches on either side. These are either made from uncut diamonds or precious stones.

There is no fixed price at which you can get a classic Sathalda in Hyderabad. The price will vary depending on the quality of pearls and stones you choose.



Apart from the Jadauwi Lacha and the Karan Phool, the layered-necklace,  Sathlada is also widely worn by the Hyderabadi women. Not to mention, it is very popular with the Hyderabadi brides.

The beauty of this necklace is that, it’s a timeless piece of jewellery. It looks equally graceful and elegant on any women, no matter what age.

Though, a lot of women prefer to accessorize their khada dupattas with the Sathlada, it looks equally glamourous on a Saree or any other Indian outfit. Although, I believe the Sathlada would add to the glamour quotient of even an evening gown or dress.

If you are wondering what earrings would complement the necklace, then karan phools or chand balis (moon-shaped earrings) are the best fit.

Some people love the idea of less is more. Hence they team their outfits with only the Sathlada. However, you can always wear the Jadauwi Lacha over the Sathlada, if you are in the mood to go bling.

I personally think it is definitely worth investing in a good-quality Sathlada. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, or simply a guest at a wedding, you can’t go wrong with the gorgeous Sathlada.  You can complement any look with élan.

Well, if you do not have one, then do consider adding this to your jewellery box, it definitely features in the list of  #necklacegoals!


The gorgeous Karan Phool and a classic Sathlada

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