Aadaab to all my readers! Hyderabad has a lot in its trousseau to offer, in terms of exquisite jewellery and fashion. The classy Sathlada, is definitely a very traditional and pretty piece of jewellery from the city of pearls! I absolutely love this piece and look for excuses to team it with my outfits….

Hyderabadi Khatti Dal РSimple, Flavoursome, Authentic 

Aadaab to all my readers! When you talk about Hyderabadi cuisine, Biryani tops the chart for most food lovers. Although the Dum Biryani stands out on the Hyderabai menu, other authentic Hyderabadi dishes are equally enjoyable. One such simple and palatable Hyderabadi dish is the traditional Khatti Dal (Sour lentils dish). It is extremely popular…