The Timeless Karan Phool

Aadaab to all my readers!

After my recent post on the Jadauwi Lacha, the traditional Hyderabadi choker necklace, I am dedicating this post to the gorgeous Karan Phool earrings.

Karan phool earrings are long, hanging earrings that usually comprise of two parts. One part is Almas earring with a gold frame, in the shape of a flower with pearl drops. The other is a suspending chain called the Larzak made from pearls that go all the way above your ear, which is then tucked into your hair. Although they are two parts, they are made as a single piece.

The Karan phool can be worn with any kind of necklace, although I personally think they stand out the most when teamed up with the Jadauwi Lacha- the traditional Hyderabadi choker. They look elegant even when worn on their own, without any necklace.

The finer details of Karan Phool

Karan Phool, like most jewellery, can be customised as per your specifications and ideas.

They look classy in Almas, although you can make it with diamonds too. If you want to opt for other precious stones along with the almas or diamonds, Rubies and emeralds are preferred. The pearl strings have a small hook at the end to help you tuck them in your hair.

You can get these made with precious or semi-precious stones from a local jeweller in Hyderabad. The price range will vary according to your selection of stones and the quality of pearls you go with.

If you are not fussed about getting a pair of karan phool in precious or semi-precious stones, then the option of imitation jewellery is always there. You can pick up attractive pieces from the Old City for as little as £25/30.

Though the favourite combination is the Khada Dupatta teamed with karan phool and Jadauwi Lacha, you can accessorise these lovely earrings with any outfit you wish.

Hyderabadi women are loving these since decades. Especially the brides.

Well, if you are looking for some jewellery inspiration to wear at an upcoming wedding, then Karan Phool could be an interesting choice. They’ll be sure to turn a few heads at the party!

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