The Hyderabadi choker – Jadauwi Lacha

Aadaab to all my readers!

The city of pearls has been an abode for luxurious jewels for centuries.

Both the royal men and women of Hyderabad loved dressing up in exquisite jewelry. Like many other things, the designs and styles of most of the jewelry stayed exclusive to the princely state of Hyderabad.

In this post I am going to shed light on a unique jewelry piece from Hyderabad – The Jadauwi Lacha.


Jadauwi lacha

The Jadauwi lacha is a choker necklace made with a gold base and studded with precious stones including rubies or emeralds, Almas (uncut diamonds), diamonds. The choker also consists of a string of pearls on the top and it’s completed with drops of either pearls or precious stones. These drops are called ‘Aweze’.

The lacha is still very popular with the Hyderabadi women and it’s prototypical for a Hyderabadi Muslim bride to wear one on her big day. Simply because it is the best accessory to the khada dupatta, along with a Sathlaada (a pearl necklace with seven tiers – there will be a separate post on this soon).

Personally, I think it is one of the most elegant and versatile pieces of jewelry and every woman should have one! Although it best compliments a khada dupatta, it looks equally stunning on any outfit. From a gorgeous saree, to a lehenga-choli, to just a plain Indian dress or even a nice evening gown or a classic LBD. You can accessorize a lacha with any of these looks beautifully.


Jadauwi Lacha shopping guide

I am sure you are tempted to get your hands on one of these tasteful chokers, and why not?!

The chokers with real jewels are usually made-to-order in Hyderabad and can be customized as per your taste and budget. But if you are lucky enough, you might be able to get one over the counter too.

The type of stones you opt for is entirely your choice. You can either go with rubies and diamonds, or emeralds and diamonds, or both rubies and emeralds with diamonds. Although it would look really fancy with diamonds, I personally think it looks classier with uncut diamonds or almas. This would also reduce the cost of the choker considerably.

These chokers can be a huge blow on your pocket, but it is a once in a lifetime purchase so I think if you are looking to invest in some jewels, do give the Jadauwi lacha a consideration. You can get one with pretty decent quality precious stones and uncut diamonds and pearl drops for roughly a 1000 GBP. But if your budget permits, you can go crazy with the jewels.

However, not everyone would be comfortable spending such a steep amount for a piece of jewelry you might wear seldom. No problem. You can get imitation jewelry at various costume jewelry stores in Hyderabad for anything between 20 to 100 GBP. Apart from the local stores in Hyderabad, there are a few online shopping sites that sell the Hyderabadi choker.


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Do give me your feedback on the traditional choker and would love to hear your ‘choker stories’.

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